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Get all your questions answered and get specific recommendations to your individual situation by ordering one full year of personal email consulting with Ameen. Note: he answers all these emails himself and not his assistant.

And get your own FREE copy of Ameen's How To Make Your Credit Sparkle And Everything Else You Need To Know About Your Credit .

And get a FREE one year Subscription to Ameen's award winning monthly newsletter The Fortune Maker. As well as two FREE issues of the newsletter.

The cost for one full year of personal one-on-one consulting is only $297.

You can ask anything you want. Ask as many different items as you want. Ameen knows what it is like to be under a mountain of debt, with little hope, and your blood pressure going through the ceiling. That's why he is willing to help personally. The book is great, but sometimes a book is not enough.

Sometimes the problems are so bad that you need personal help. And that is what this is. He can be your coach, your partner, your advisor. But only if you let him.

In addition, you will get the newsletter emailed to you every month so be sure your email address is correct.

Once your order is processed, you will be taken to a special webpage that will contain the link to download the book and the Free Bonuses.

The book is in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat which is available for free at www.adobe.com.

The files will be downloaded as a zip file. If you do not have an unzip utility like WinZip or PKUnzip, you can download these for free from www.winzip.com or www.download.com

Once click on the link to download it will ask you where to save the file. Save it to your desktop for easier access. Once you unzip the files you can put them in any folder you wish.

Please note that if Ameen's schedule is too hectic and he stops taking clients your money will be refunded.

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