Are you sick of the way people treat you because you have bad credit?

Are you tired of them not treating you fairly, and taking advantage of you?

Do you know that Credit Discrimination affects over 80% of the US population?

Imagine what your life would be like if you had perfect A1 credit?

You’d probably be driving a brand new car and taking advantage of the low interest rates being offered- thereby saving you thousands in interest. But only if you have great credit.

You’d probably be living in your own house, and paying less money per month than the rent you are paying now, for a smaller sized apartment. This is especially since mortgage rates are still very low. You would also be getting a tax deduction on the payment. But only if you have great credit.

You’d probably be thinking about ditching your job and starting your own business- especially since bank financing is easier to get right now. But only if you have great credit.

But instead of getting whatever you want, you get discriminated against everyday. Does this sound like your life?

- You can’t open a checking account
You have to buy money orders to pay bills, and you get hassled and pay extra just to cash your own paycheck.

- You can’t get credit cards
You have to carry cash everywhere – which is very dangerous.
You can’t take advantage of the float (if you don’t know what float is keep reading)

- You pay more interest on your mortgage – IF you can even get one.
People with bad credit, IF they can get a loan, pay a lot more in interest than someone with good credit.

For example, on a $100,000 loan over 30 years, a person with bad credit will pay $100,000 more in interest than a person with good credit.
A lot of people with bad credit can’t even get an apartment

- It’s much harder for you to become wealthy because no one will give you a business or personal loan.

- You pay more for car insurance.
Insurance companies now charge more to people with lower credit scores even if they have never been in an accident.

If you are sick and tired of being discriminated against, it’s time to stand up and do something about it.

The good news is, there is a way you can stop these bullies from pushing you around and ripping you off, and that is by improving your credit.


I am writing you this letter to tell you how much I enjoyed reading "How To Make Your Credit Sparkle." I would like to tell you two ways I have put your book to work for me, and how I am influencing others to clean up their credit via your book!

At first I bought the book for my own benefit. I am new to the "mortgage world" and have learned so much about so many different aspects of this business, including credit, especially how bad my credit is. After reading through your book it was obvious to me that I really needed to let my clients know about this wonderful book! I can't tell you how many I have turned on to this book. Not only have we (my wife and I) started the process of cleaning up our credit, but clients and potential clients as well.

At first I thought, "I'm going to give this book to everyone I know, and some I don't know." Good plan, but doesn't help you out much.

I go over some bullet points with clients to peak their interest, and then tell them that I am more than willing to do some of the "leg work" for them, to assist in the "clean up" process. By the way, that is a huge trust builder!

This is the part you should like the most; I have been giving clients a few choice pages and some juicy excerpts from the book to get them excited about cleaning up their credit, and then referring them to your website so they can purchase the book themselves. I have also done the same with clients whom have already done business with me. It is a must when dealing with sub prime clients. I have sent past clients excerpts from the book via US Mail, along with my business card to peak their interest, and always let them know how to get the book on their own via your website.

I have a special place in my heart for the sub prime clients, because I was one. Notice I said WAS! Thanks to your book, I am well on my way to becoming 100% "A" Paper.

Thanks Ameen!

Justin Wilks
Spokane Washington.


“It should be a crime to have bad
when it’s so easy to fix!”

Credit repair is a simple process if you know what you are doing, and you can do it yourself. In fact, no one can do as good a job in repairing your own credit as you can. Best of all…

Fixing your credit can be done for free.

And you can get the best book on the market, detailing exactly how to do it, absolutely FREE.

Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, your credit can be improved. There are tricks and techniques you can use that can dramatically increase your credit score, increase your credit limits, and get you all the credit you want in the amount of time it takes you to say "Charge It!".

No matter what’s wrong with your credit it can be fixed, whether it’s your fault or not. That's right.

Even negative info that is true can be
removed from your credit report

But you have to know how to do it and we can show you how to…

Get the credit you deserve.

Help is now here. Credit Bureau Secrets: What The Bureaus Don't Want You To Know About Fixing Your Credit has been written with you in mind.

In order to write this book, we interviewed 144 people to find out exactly what people want to know. We took all their input and created the most comprehensive book on credit ever written.

Every one of these 144 people had their own credit horror story. We sat down with each of them, and asked them in detail what happened to them and how it happened. We then helped each of them improve their credit based on the techniques featured in this book. The things they wanted to know, the things they needed to know, and the methods they used to fix their credit are in this book

We heard stories of foreclosure, divorce, loss of job, husbands running away, husbands dying, serious illness, identity theft, houses getting robbed, businesses failing, and even one person who was a total deadbeat. All of these people benefited from this material.

"I was amazed at how easy it was to get my credit back in shape. Your course changed my life!"
— Cynthia Farooq  Dallas Tx

What makes this book even more extraordinary is the fact that the book is written by an industry insider.

Ameen Kamadia has helped counsel over a thousand people improve their credit. He has worked for years as a manager of a credit bureau, as a Realtor, and a Mortgage Broker.

He has personally told hundreds of people exactly what to do to improve their credit and financial condition. He puts his years of experience and “in the trench” knowledge together for you in this exciting book.

He is not just someone who calls himself a credit expert because he got a collection deleted from his own credit report. He has done that a thousand times.

What makes him different is that he has been to the meetings put on by the Big 3 Credit Bureaus. He has gotten all their internal documentation because he was “one of them.” He knows what the bureaus know.

He uses this knowledge as well as his own personal stories, client case histories, the latest laws to protect consumers, and input from the 144 people we interviewed to cover every possible aspect of credit and credit repair.

"Just wanted to let you know that by using your book I raised my credit score 85 points! And I just got approved for a mortgage for my first house, and after we close I am going to buy me a new car. But I will do it after the closing-just like you taught us. Thank you so so much."
— Maria Nunez  Houston Tx

Just check out what he reveals is this eye-opening book.

• Why you should never give the credit card company your mother’s maiden name even if they ask for it. Pg66

• 6 foolproof ways to increase your credit score. Pg19

• 5 ways to get credit in a couple of weeks regardless of past credit history. Pg69

• The entire process of how your credit reports were created. Pg 6

• How your credit score determines if you will get a mortgage. Pg18

• The steps to take to protect your credit BEFORE you get divorced. Pg95

• How the bureaus get your information. Pg7

• The ONLY reason you should ever declare bankruptcy. Pg102

• How long information, good or bad, stays on your report. Pg10

• How to get medical bill collections off your report for good. Pg34

• How to keep from getting called by a telemarketer or bill collector EVER AGAIN. Pg66

• How and why collections show up more than once on your report and how you can eliminate them. Pg12

• Why working with a credit repair company can do more harm for you than good. Pg37

• How you can truthfully and legally claim that you make a lot more income than you really do and thereby double your credit limits. Pg65

• How your credit score is determined. P14

The #1 fastest and easiest way to get credit if you have none at all. Pg70

• The 34 credit score factors and their meanings. This top secret information has never been revealed before to the public. Pg16

• Why all 3 bureaus have different scores for you and how to take advantage of this. Pg20

• The top reasons why there are errors on your report, and how to fix or avoid them. Pg31

• How your Residential Mortgage Credit report is different from your regular report Pg93

Find out who is looking at your credit report without your permission. Pg22

• The “back door” method to remove derogatory info off your report. Pg 44

• How to keep your reports from getting checked by anyone without your permission. Pg24

The top methods credit repair companies and attorneys use and how you can do the same. Pg53

How to lower your current payments on your debt by 50%. Pg 82

• How inquires affect your credit and why not all inquires are treated the same. Pg26

• How to avoid foreclosure. Pg106

• How to qualify to get a free credit report. Pg28

Why putting a consumer statement on your credit report is a waste of time. Pg46

• What to do once your identity has been stolen. Pg118

• Why you should NEVER consolidate your student loans with your spouse’s. Pg108

The 9 Credit Rights you have by law and how to enforce them. Pg27

• How to determine which credit card to apply for and what the hidden fees are. Pg78

• How cash advances from your credit cards keep you in the poor house. Pg85

• The five personal factors banks look at in deciding to give you credit and how to improve your chances. Pg64

• How many credit cards to have and why. Pg86

• The two types of consumer bankruptcy, how they work, and how they wreak havoc on your credit. Pg97

How to get your student loan debt CANCELLED by the government. Pg109

• The top methods thieves use to steal your ID and get credit in your name. Pg113

How to legally get a new Social Security Number. Pg121

• The 6 best ways to keep your credit clean. Pg35

• How to use your creativity to get derogatory information off your report. Pg40

• How to bribe your creditors to clean your credit for you. Pg48

• How to know when creditors are discriminating against you and what you can do about it, especially if you are a woman. Pg57

• When a bank won’t give you a credit card, how to get it from their legal department. Pg61

And So Much More!

With 14 chapters, 246 pages, and a great appendix section, this book has it all.

"I was facing foreclosure and thought the only way to save my house was to declare bankruptcy. At least that is what the lawyer told me before taking his $600 fee. 3 months later I still lost the house. After reading your material I see what I could have done to save my house and my credit. Wish I had come across your book sooner. But then, I probably would've thought everything will work out on its own. But now I know exactly how important your book is and I recommend it to all my friends."
— Allen Billings   Seattle WA

"I tried credit counseling to help with the bills. What a HUGE mistake. Not only did they make credit worse, but they did nothin I could've done myself. But with your help I was able to get the collection companies off my back until I was ready to pay them back. Thanks Ameen!"
— Jeff Wilson   Kansas City Mo

Learn the insider secrets never before revealed.

“Is it better to have a high credit score or a low one?”

You will learn all about credit scoring.
How to get your score, learn if it is good or bad, how to improve it, and why your score is the way it is.

Credit scoring has been kept as secret as possible by the credit bureaus. They don’t want people to even know what their own scores are. But you don’t have to be in the dark anymore. Ameen reveals the 34 Score factors and their meaning. These factors explain exactly what about your credit is hurting you the most. This information has never been revealed to the public before. The credit bureaus make sure that information such as this does not “get out”.

“Your rights are being trampled on: do you
know how to stop the abuse?”

Learn about the laws that were created to keep your credit safe.
Several laws have been passed to protect your credit rights. These laws are reviewed in detail. Your credit rights are explained one by one in simple English. Don’t get mislead by bill collectors and lenders again.

Once you know your rights, lenders and bill collectors cannot take advantage of you anymore.

“Even if you have good credit you are being discriminated against right now and you don’t even know it!”

You will learn why 70% of all credit reports contain errors and how to keep yours error free.
Yours could have errors on it right now that are costing you money. Learn how to not only fix these errors but improve your credit to the point where you’ll be turning away lenders offering you thousands in credits.

“I know high school students that can steal thousands of dollars from you, you can’t stop them, and it can ruin your life for years to come.”

You will learn why identity theft is the crime of the computer generation, how you can protect yourself and how to recover if it has already happened to you.
You would not believe how easy it is to get your personal information. Once a crook has your info they can open credit in your name and cause serious damage to your credit. And you wouldn’t even know about it. This book will show you how to avoid becoming a victim and safeguarding yourself and your family finances from crooks.

“How to make banks line up and
beg you to take their loans.”

You will learn how much credit is too much?
Having too much credit could actually hurt your credit. This book shows you how much and how many accounts you should have and how to use theses accounts to have the highest credit score possible.

“Never get bothered by a telemarketer
or bill collector again!”

You will learn the secrets of filling out a credit application. What you should and should not tell them.
There is more to it, than just filling in the blanks. This book will show you exactly what info you should give and what you shouldn’t give to get all the credit you want and protect your privacy at the same time. Including how to never get called by a telemarketer or bill collector ever again. Believe us – nowhere else can you get such “tell it like it is” advice.

“Take the house! With my credit
intact I can buy a better one.”

You will learn how to handle your credit if you get a divorce and how to recover if you already are divorced.
Did you know that divorce is the #2 cause of financial and credit ruin? Don’t let it ruin you.

Sadly, 60% of all couples get divorced in today’s society. Learn what you need to do before and after filing the papers to keep both spouses’ credit sparkling clean. An entire section details the steps you need to take to make sure your credit doesn’t get injured in divorce.

We are committed to your financial success. And as a thank you for trusting us, we are throwing in 2 Free Bonuses

Free Bonus #1
When you order, we will also throw in 2 months of Ameen’s award winning newsletter, The Fortune Maker. A one year subscription to this newsletter costs $97. We are giving you two months free with your book order

The main purpose of this newsletter is to help people like you, fix their credit, get out of debt, become financially independent and retire early (within 5 years).

Ameen shares what he is doing right now to grow his fortune and his many businesses and explains how you can do the same.

Free Bonus #2
You also get one month of free email consultation with Ameen himself. One year of this consulting costs $297. You get one month free with your book order. Ask him all the questions you want and get answers from the expert.

The book and two free bonuses should costs at least $100, but we are offering it to you for the rock bottom price of only $37.

Not only is this well below what it's worth, but your purchase also comes with a


If for any reason you are ever unhappy with the book just return it for a full refund. That’s right, if you ever want your money back just return it. Honestly, credit repair does not happen overnight, or even within 30 or 60 days. We would rather give you a lifetime guarantee because we are so sure that the rewards you will get from this book will be worth 1000 times what you pay for it. But our credit card processor only allows a maximum of 90 days. Use our book as long as you need it. If you think that it wasn’t worth the purchase price, no problem. It can’t get any better than that!

Actually it does. Here’s how to get a FREE copy of Credit Bureau Secrets…

 If you subscribe to one year of consulting at $297, or just 81 cents a day, you will get unlimited questions answered and personal attention.  As well as a free copy of Credit Bureau Secrets. This is the best deal we can give you.

Ameen’s normal hourly counseling fee is $150. To have all your questions answered at this low price is a steal.

But Ameen cannot consult with everyone, so we have limited to number of people that can take advantage of the one year consulting. Ameen does this himself personally, and he has lots of other things to do so we hope you understand. These spots are available on a first come first served basis.

Having great credit is the first step to financial freedom. You have nothing to lose by ordering today. So order now and help yourself and your family live the lives they deserve.

Message from the Author:

If you are serious about living the good life, you need to get this book. I know the importance of good credit. When I started my first company I had nothing but my good credit. I used it to start a business and borrow to buy the inventory. Then I used it to borrow more money to start other companies. I recently bought and moved into a brand new house, furnished the whole house with brand new furniture, and bought a brand new car for my father without spending a dime of my own money. I use my money to make a much better return on investment.

I could never have reached most of my financial goals by the age of 26 if I did not have good credit.  

Spend the time to fix your credit, and use the ideas I give you in the newsletter to make your life the way you want it to be.

You have nothing to lose, but the longer you wait, the harder it will be to start, and the less time you will have to enjoy the good life when you get there.

Let me hold your hand the whole way, order now.

- Ameen Kamadia

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